Making SEVIRI RGB Overview composite with mpop

>>> from mpop.satellites import GeostationaryFactory
>>> from mpop.projector import get_area_def
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> time_slot = datetime(2009, 10, 8, 14, 30)
>>> global_data = GeostationaryFactory.create_scene("Meteosat-9", "", "seviri", time_slot)
>>> europe = get_area_def("EuropeCanary")
>>> global_data.load([0.6, 0.8, 10.8], area_extent=europe.area_extent)
>>> img = global_data.image.overview()

Necessary configuration settings

For this tutorial template config files (see Installation and configuration) can be used. These are located in the etc dir of the mpop source. Copy mpop.cfg.template, areas.def.template and Meteosat-9.cfg.template to another dir and remove the .template extension. In the config file Meteosat-9.cfg locate the section severi-level1 and modify the defined dir to point to the dir of your uncompressed HRIT data.

Set PPP_CONFIG_DIR to the directory containing your modified mpop config files.